Janie Webster – Contributor

Janie Webster is a writer, speaker and educator from the south side of Chicago. After college, she immersed herself in public service and volunteering, eventually finding that speaking publicly and encouraging others were her passion. Today, she writes regularly about business and politics and spends most of her remaining time encouraging others to change the world.

Raymond Michaels – Contributor

Raymond Michaels wasn’t sure what he wanted to do after college, so he spent nearly a decade trying out a variety of jobs. He found his true calling as a writer covering a wide variety of technology topics. He now focuses his attentions on the latest innovations of the technology industry, covering companies from Apple to Zulily in his articles.

Amy McBride – Contributor

When Amy McBride is not designing websites, she is writing about business, marketing, and investing for a number of prominent U.S. publications. Her background in business management has given her a unique insight into the topics she covers. In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding and hiking through the thick forests of her home state of Pennsylvania.

Tyrone Clark – Contributor

Tyrone Clark’s journey to becoming a full time writer began with an offhand compliment from a college professor on the quality of the papers he turned in. After struggling to find a good job in his chosen profession, he turned to writing part time to pay the bills. His work was well received and he found himself writing more and more until it was no longer a part time profession. Today, he couldn’t imagine himself in any other profession and enjoying it as much as he does writing.

Samuel Scott – Contributor

Samuel “Sam” Scott spent several decades working in the financial industry before retiring, but found himself needing something to fill his empty hours. He soon decided that writing about the financial industry and personal finance would be a good way to spend his time. He covers a wide variety of topics in his writing, including banking, money management, investing, and business news. When he isn’t writing, he is usually relaxing in his yard or entertaining several of his eight grandchildren.

Aliana Williams – Contributor

Aliana Williams has worked with numerous companies and entrepreneurs over the years creating websites and compelling content for their brands. She is a self-taught social media guru and can often be seen taking photographs of interesting scenes around her hometown of Indianapolis accompanied by her two pugs.

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