Toyota Prius C 2017 Refresh- Sporty Style with More Security for Hybrid Hatchback

The new Toyota Prius C 2017 hybrid vehicle is sportier and offers more security features.

The 2017 Prius C gets a refresh, looking more aggressive.

Sportier Additions

Toyota Prius C 2017

The hatchback Toyota Prius C was first launched in the US in the year 2012, followed by some minor upgrades over the years. Last year, the Persona series was introduced. The new and refreshed look for 2017 retains the hexagonal grille of earlier models, but a black trim has been added around its fog lights fascia. Similar side sills have also been added, making it look more aggressive. Dark additions have also been made on its rear spoiler and the bumper’s lower portion at the rear. All the models have aluminum wheels, whereas previously it was a standard only for top trim.

Safety Enhanced

Other changes in the new Toyota Prius C 2017 include the Safety Sense C feature. The suite has been made standard for all the models. This safety equipment comes with a pre collision brake, which functions up to 137 kph or 85 mph. According to Prius, the sensors will be able to slow down the vehicle by 31 kph or 19 mph, before an impending crash. The driver gets a clear warning advising him or her to apply the brakes to the car. There is automatic breaking in case of impending collision on the front of the vehicle. The sensors on the new Prius C can detect the yellow and white markings on the lane. As it is, the basic features of the Prius C come with 9 airbags and a control system for stability.

There are alert sounds for lane departure, which sounds an alarm if the driver drifts away over the road or moves into the path of some other vehicle or traffic. Another aspect of the new safety suite consists of high beams that check out whether there are other vehicles nearby at night and then, if necessary, switches off any bright lights.

Same Powertrain

The powertrain continues to be the same, with the 1.5 liter, four cylinder, running on Atkinson cycle. It produces a horsepower of 73 and a torque of 82 pound feet on its own. Its electric motor results in an output of 99 hp or 74 kW.  The Toyota Prius C 2017 offers 48 miles for a gallon in the city, with 43 mpg on the highway and 46 mpg in combination. If used in the electric driving mode exclusively, the new Toyota Prius C can travel at a speed of 25 mph or 40 kph.

Green Vehicle

Toyota Prius C

The Toyota Prius C already comes with a considerable green credibility. The ACEEE had listed the Prius C as number eight among the green vehicles of the country, last year. The new model also receives the rating for fuel efficiency by the EPA.

Spurring Sales

Toyota is hoping that the new update to Prius C 2017 model will increase sales of the compact, hybrid car. The sales figures for last year in the US had fallen by 47%, to 20,000 vehicles.

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